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It's possible...

It's possible - and necessary - to prioritize our children's physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs without ignoring our own.

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The Problem

The problem though, is that our world has taken the notion of parent sacrifice to unhealthy and unrealistic levels. Because it's one thing to reasonably delaying or forgoing certain wants and preferences of our own to better prioritize what's best for our children; it's an entirely different matter once we start believing that the only way we can care for our children is to undermine and ignore our own basic needs.

How can we honestly expect parents to satisfactorily meet their own and their children’s needs when:

  • The limited tools parents have been shown don’t work the way we expect them to;

  • Parents are isolated from each other not just physically, but emotionally and socially too;

  • The well meaning outsiders in our personal support systems often don’t get why we parent the way we do;

  • The job itself runs 24/7 without mandated breaks, sick leave, or vacation time;

  • There is no manual titled, “How to be a functional human while raising young children.”

We teach passionate parents busy nurturing young children how to give that same level of support and nourishment to themselves,
without compromising dedication to their children.

Instead of ignoring your own needs, and feeling like you can’t do or be enough to fully meet your kids’ needs, we help you better understand everyone’s needs fully, give you tools that actually work to meet those needs and solve the problems at hand, and help you tap into your own natural parenting manual.

This is what our empowered parenting village is all about. We give parents the three keys they need to better thrive - and help their kids thrive too - in the midst of parenthood:

Parenting help


A way to re-connect to intuition for open, honest, and meaningful reflection and communication.

Parenting ideas


Access to accurate information about how all of us - parents and children alike - operate and what to expect.

Parenting tools


Opportunities to learn and practice tools that help children and parents successfully work through the many challenges we face everyday.

Stop believing the lie that the best way to prioritize your kid's needs
is to ignore your own.

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We believe that every family member’s needs - the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual necessities to thrive - are worthy of prioritizing. Even parents of young children can do so without compromising their dedication to nurturing their kids with their whole hearts.

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